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Don Olivers is a family fitness centre catering for mums, dads, daughters and sons, and their friends. Specialising in weight loss, core strength & stability, stress management, asthma rehabilitation, sports conditioning & strength training. Cely Treadgold who worked in the company for 19 years bought the business in 2006 together with her husband Mark Treadgold who also worked at Don Oliver Fitness Equipment for over 20 years. They have taken the challenge to build Don Olivers to new heights. Cely shares the passion and vision that Don Oliver had to see ordinary people's lives made better and healthier through exercise. Since they took over new ownership, they have upgraded & improved the facilities, bought a variety of 40 pieces of new equipment and added more services so everyone will enjoy their visit to Don Oliver's. They are still looking for ways to make everyone's visit to Don Oliver's gym more fun, enjoyable and motivating by offering a variety of things to do to get fit, feel better and feel great. They make total body fitness a way of life rather than a chore. From Group Fitness classes to gym workout, there are options for everyone from teenagers to pensioners. Many people feel very much at home at Don Olivers gym, "everyone knows everyone". You don't have to be at the height of fashion to get fit & feel healthy. They offer a variety of facilities including an extensive range of Cardio Equipment, Separate Ladies Gym, Mens Gym/Unisex Gym, Group Fitness Classes, Sauna, Personal Trainers, Ample Free Parking & Free use of lockers, Thirty minute Fat Burner Circuit & recently added Boxing Circuit.

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Swimming Pool & Spa Pool Now Open!

Swim for fitness!

There are more things to do now at Don Olivers
to get active, get fit, feel better and be healthier

Swimming Pool

Spa Pool

"30 minutes Fat Burner Circuit"

It's a 30 minute fast track to weight loss & fitness. Anyone who doesn't have enough time to exercise can now use this added facility and still get the best results they want.

Spa Pool  

"Boxing Circuit"

A new Speedball and Heavy Bag Boxing Circuit has been added to their facilities. It strengthens your cardiovascular system, tones, & strengthens your muscles; burns fat & increases bone density. Not only do you get into great shape but you can develop self-defence qualities at the same time. It helps you become stronger and more confident. Enjoy the fun and benefits of these boxing training workouts.